Project Case Studies

  • Rebuilding an 18th Century Wall

    Rebuilding an 18th Century Wall

    Rapid Response are well versed at handling the unusual project, and this carefully crafted 18th Century Flemish Bond wall was…

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  • Michael House – Water Damaged

    Michael House – Water Damaged

    Michael House was probably the most water damaged property we have ever come across. The occupier had taken time to…

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  • Extensive Fire Damaged Property

    Extensive Fire Damaged Property

    This was a pretty extensive project. The whole building had suffered damage, and required a complete refurbishment on all floors…

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  • Commercial Tea Rooms Project

    Commercial Tea Rooms Project

    Rapid Response were commissioned to build a large tea room facility and mezzanine within an existing commercial building. This was…

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  • Dangerous Structure Rectified

    Dangerous Structure Rectified

    This was a classic case of home DIY gone wrong. The house had been repossessed and was owned by the…

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  • Demolition Project

    Demolition Project

    Our versatility allows us the opportunity to fulfill many projects, and even the messy ones. Demolition is a specialist area…

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  • Installing Speed Bumps

    Installing Speed Bumps

    One of our clients was receiving a continuous flow of complaints relating to the dangers on the roads in a…

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