The Rapid Response Promise

SERVICE-GUARANTEEOne of the industries biggest faults is its ability not to service customers or occupier  properly. Horror stories, and bad reviews are common place.

Rapid Response are proud to have built its large, diverse and enviable customer base on pure trust. That is trust in responding effectively, and trust in providing high quality workmanship, which ultimately creates a very happy customer.

One of the typical areas in property maintenance, is the desire of some to escalate a Job beyond what is actually required  in order to create more income. This is a detriment to our industry, and something that Rapid Response and its team find deplorable. We are there to minimise the cost and build long-term trusting relationships with our clients. Our success over the years, and continually returning customers is absolute proof of this attitude, and something we are very proud of.

If we can resolve the incumbent problem within a property in the most cost effective manner, we are very confident of client retention, and this is the only methodology we would ever advocate in property maintenance.

We always state that our client relationships are long-term, the same philosophy we adopt in our our business, and its future longevity.

Rapid Response will continue to set the standards high in property maintenance!