Non-licensed Asbestos

The old, overgrown with moss, roofing slate closeup

Non-Licensed Work in the field of Asbestos is requirement for dealing with Asbestos in a commercial and residential environment. This enables us to carry out works where the asbestos is deemed that of a lower risk containing materials (ACMs) as part of our approved duties provided by the Category B status.

However, this allows us to assess and identify the nature of the Asbestos within a building, and then recommend the necessary action or control measures required to either carry out the works ourselves, if the material falls within our status, or recommend a specialist that is able to remove the Asbestos if this is the necessary course of action to take.

The awareness training our team have undertaken allows us to professionally assess structures that carry Asbestos.

If you would like Rapid Response to assess the state of the Asbestos within your property, please do get in touch, and we can advise on the best course of action.