Legionella testing (void properties)

Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria, artwork

In the UK, Landlords and Letting Agents are obliged to carry out risk assessments for Legionnaire's disease within their properties, and this especially required and common to do so in the case of void properties. If a property has been standing empty for a period of time, the water within tanks, systems and other areas of the property where standing water can occur, it could become infected and put future tenants at risk.

Legionnaires is a pneumonia like illness which can be fatal, so it is essential for all commercial organisations and landlords to carry out a full assessment of a property before any new tenants move in.

Our professional inspections comprise a full and comprehensive assessment of the risks presented by man-made water systems to identify and assess the risks of exposure to legionella. The assessment itself involves a detailed review of any man-made water systems or processes that use water in your workplace, and that may cause harm to people through exposure to legionella and subsequently Legionnaires’ disease. It will also review the effectiveness of any existing management processes, procedures and control measures in place to ensure you are taking reasonable precautions to control the risks and so meet your legal obligations.

If after inspection the property is at risk, we are able to carry out all works to rectify the issue, returning the property back to a habitable status.

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