Rapid Growth for Rapid Response!

Growth in a business can come in many forms, whether it is staff, specific service or discipline or indeed the Sales Director's waistline, but in the case of Rapid Response it has been in all areas of the business, including a 200% growth in turnover.

Our maintenance coordination team has grown extensively, matched by our trade teams in plumbing, electrics, building and roofing. We have gained new skills, accredited now to deal with Asbestos removal as an example.

Growth to this extent can be dangerous for any company, but we have been extremely careful to not only grow turnover, we have grown our teams, we have continually improved our efficiency through the integration of new software and communications across the company. We have also streamlined our processes on projects, providing our field trades staff with the latest communication requirements, making it simple for them to liaise with internal coordinators and clients alike. We also provide risk assessments for all of our projects to align with our clients requirements and new legislation - a highly sophisticated process that many of our competitors haven't been able to match.

The 200% growth we have experienced over the past year has also seen a big commitment with the introduction of a new bespoke built premises, which will hold new warehousing and office facilities adjacent to the current site based in Little Bentley in Essex.

Paul Lebrett explains; It really is exciting times for the company. We are investing a great deal in our clients with improvements in all areas of the business. New technology, a wide training programme, extended premises, new electric and diesel vehicles added to the fleet, and of course investments in our staff, creating highly skilled and multi-talentedĀ individuals who we see as a catalyst to the continued growth at Rapid Response. As far as I am concerned our journey has just begun, and we are highly motivated and optimistic about the future of the company.

Rapid Response is an ambitious motivated company, and we have strong plans for the future, which includes growth in existing and new areas, but something that has remained constant throughout, 'apparently', is the Sales Director's waistline, or so he tells us!

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