Strength in service – why Rapid Response Maintenance is becoming a popular choice!

Rapid Response has seen exceptional growth over recent years, gaining substantial maintenance contracts and insurance work right across the region. We very often get asked to perform slightly unusual tasks, very often the kind of work many would turn down. Our ethos is to make sure we provide an all-encompassing service, which means our clients can benefit from a smaller supply chain which in turn reduces their time and subsequently their administrative overheads.

Our level of service and the continuous diversification of new skills, training and qualifications along with the expansion of skills being employed in our trade teams now allows us to supply our clients with that one stop mentality and takes away that need for clients to employ either internal or external project management. For larger projects, managing multiple trades on any given type of project is a task in itself, but through our own project management skills we can not only save time and the hassle, we can also save our client’s money through very obvious efficiencies that we believe are unique to us.

Our productions systems and the technology we use, right through to our purpose-built production and distribution centre align and adopt a process of efficiency, which each project whether big or small going through the same system, further aligned with specific members across the individual teams from production, trade through to quality control, all responsible for completing the job to our clients satisfaction.

To demonstrate why we are considered for sometimes the unusual projects, the difficult and the complex would be to detail the diverse level of services provided, which include:

  • Gas works & heating systems
  • Plumbing installation and maintenance
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Construction and general building work
  • Structural works
  • Damp & remedial works
  • All types of roofing work
  • Major commercial and residential building work
  • Window & Door installation and maintenance
  • Non-licensed asbestos (assessment)
  • Legionella testing (void properties)
  • Solar PV installation and maintenance
  • HIU Repair
  • Barrier installation and repairs
  • Appliance repair & installation
  • Property clearance (internal and external areas)
  • Decorating, flooring and all internal surface work

The list above certainly details the diversification of standard or typical maintenance work, specialist projects and unique work we carry out, but in essence Rapid Response cover a great deal more which is perfectly emulated by the projects we have encountered over many years of trading.

Any company that wishes to reduce their supply chain to create their own internal efficiencies and take full advantage of our own project management skills and can do attitude. This is why we believe the businesses growth has been substantial, and why we continually see clients with small unique jobs or larger contractual based projects migrating towards us.





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