Rapid Response wins refurbishment work in historic Harwich

Ha’penny Pier is certainly one of the UK’s most historic piers. As one of the country’s only surviving wooden working piers, it attracts thousands of visitors to the town each year.

Constructed in the mid 19th century, it was designed to be a departure point for paddle steamers taking passengers onto mainland Europe. Its name comes from the old half penny, and this was the original toll charged to passenger’s way back when it was first constructed.

Today, the pier maintains all of its character, but does require a continuous program of maintenance with tourists, fisherman and visiting yachtsmen all taking advantage of the facilities available. 2016 saw replacement of 18 damaged timber beams and a continuous program of essential maintenance is in place, a project costing £340,000 to keep the pier functional and at its very best for tourists and visitors alike.

Rapid Response’s part is to upgrade the existing shower rooms to provide modern facilities for the many visitors who use the pier, and as a project the location certainly provides something unique. Certainly not a maintenance and refurbishment project you see every day, and most certainly an interesting project for our team working at such a historical location.

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