Rapid Response Maintenance Enjoy an In-House Team Building Day

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At Rapid Response Maintenance, we work seamlessly together as an administrative and project management team and as a talented group of accredited engineers. Team building events are a vital element to the success of our internal communication and employee morale at Rapid Response, and they are a day that we all thoroughly look forward to.

Beginning our in-house team building day within the Rapid Response Maintenance yard, we all enjoyed a delicious breakfast to fill us up ahead of the day’s activities. The Rapid Response team always like to start their day with a cuppa!

Our first activity involved a treasure hunt of epic proportions. Breaking into six team of six, one person from each team had to scramble up a giant climbing wall to fetch the first clue. From the very first clue it took us on a ramble all over the farm to find and solve clues until it led us to an anagram to solve that took us to a mystery box. The first team to successfully crack the code on the box won the prize inside!

We also enjoyed team bonding exercises including blindfold drawing within groups, riffle shooting and giant Jenga – where we had to work together to erect the highest tower without it falling down.

The whole Rapid Response Maintenance team had a fun, effective team building day! We’re excited to see these days become a regular part of our working life at Rapid Response, and are pleased to be able to pass along the benefits to our clients in the way of successfully project managing each and every job.

Rapid Response are well versed at managing a range of customers across a multitude of industry sectors. To find out how the Rapid Response Maintenance team can effectively manage your portfolio efficiently and cost effectively, call us on 01206 256 489.

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