If it was good enough for the Dragons in their den, it is certainly great for us and our clients! 

'The Sashmate is a dream to use, and easy to see why it received endorsement in the way of investment on the popular television programme Dragons Den.'


In every industry something simple, innovative and effective is invented and becomes the norm, and the property maintenance industry is no exception. Normally, that new method or piece of technology can make a job simpler, cheaper or quicker, and our new Sashmate as seen on Dragon’s Den successfully receiving investment from two of the learned Dragon’s most certainly covers all aspects of making the job simple, quicker and certainly cheaper for our clients.

The Sashmate is a simple but extremely effective tool for removing that tricky sash window and an absolute dream to use. It is also very safe which helps the health and safety officer sleep better at night.

The Sashmate consists of a simple robust frame with strategically placed clamps that lock onto the main framework of the window, allowing for a quick removal of uPVC, aluminium and wooden sash windows for repair or replacement. An historically difficult task which has been made simple and safe through the use of a piece of equipment cleverly invented by the guys from Glazesafe.

A great deal of our window repair work in the past has been to replace the whole window because of health and safety risks and issues around repairs of windows above 1st floor heights.  A 25kg sash window is not easy to remove, and to construct any form of scaffolding for a window repair just isn’t cost effective. Because of this, it has been far easier and safer to remove the whole window from the inside of the property and replace it in its entirety, but this still required at least two people to carry out the work.

The Sashmate allows one person to very easily remove the window without compromising health & safety risks, keeping them safe and of course anyone who may be passing below.

Since we have adopted the Sashmate into our window repairs and maintenance team, we have been able to save our clients a great deal of money with reduced labour and materials charges. Just over a minute to remove, make the repair and a similar amount of time to refit the window.

A great tool, and of course very trades person loves working with tools that make the job easier!

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