Emergency work can sometimes involve some of the more nastier of jobs!

Dealing with sewage isn't necessarily a favourite job for our team, but it is most certainly a job that has to be done, and to a standard that adhere's to creating a habitable healthy environment for the occupiers.

This particular property had probably had experienced the horrible aspects of raw sewage where the drains had been cleared, but this had caused further problems with sewage seepage into the property itself.

Face masks at the ready, our team set to task in clearing the property and a major clean-up to make sure it was perfectly habitable once again.

Removal of any damaged flooring and an extreme clean following that, we were able to create a fresh clean environment for the occupiers.

Rapid response are well versed at dealing with the unfortunate damage sewage can leave, having seen basements completely full from floor to ceiling where sewage had been leaking for a number of years. It is never pleasant, but rewarding in the fact that the distressed occupier has a resolution and a clean habitable property to live in once again!

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