24/7, we are always on hand for the next emergency

With the introduction of a new emergency response telephone system, Rapid Response maintenance has become even more responsive (if we can) to emergency call outs. With a record call out due to Hurricane Katy, we took the view that a more sophisticated system was required to underpin our services, and the new system will do just that.

Emergencies are becoming a large part of our business model, and over 600 during the high winds saw a dramatic increase. As the weather in the UK seemingly becomes more unpredictable, it is important for us to have the teams, and the mechanism to respond effectively.

The system is not just geared towards creating efficiency for emergencies, it will also help the communications right across the Rapid team, at HQ in Essex, or on site with our engineers and trades people. We can direct communications more efficiently, and create an environment perfectly geared towards providing the very best service for our growing client base.

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