Misguided aviation proves costly in London building

One of our regular clients called us in to rectify an air conditioning duct issue. The duct was blocked, and therefore air conditioning to the building was severely effected.

Through our teams expertise we deduced the problem lay with the main duct coming from the roof, and this required the hire of a Giant Cherry Picker to get to the roof and investigate what the problem was.

After cauldroning off the road the Cherry Picker lifted our head of engineering to the roof, and after dismantling and removing the roof cladding we were able to see down the vent.

To our amazement the culprit was a remote controlled helicopter than had obviously been flown by one of the local residents, and probably a one in million chance it had to disappeared down the vent never to be seen again.

We were able to remove the helicopter, and the air conditioning systems was working perfectly. However, unfortunately we weren't able to find the novice pilot and provide the necessary training on how to navigate his or her toy helicopter.

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