Technology advances at Rapid Response!

With a huge amount of projects to process each month, it is important for Rapid Response to be extremely organised with our workload, but also provide the level of information the client requires efficiently.

Clik Remote is an extension of our incumbent project management software, but enables greater levels of communication and access for clients. It's very intuitive, and an easy-to-use product which allows for four separate logins: one for engineers, one your sales teams, one for managers, and importantly one remote login for clients. Each user has a handy dashboard, which can point clients to the projects we will be working on for them.

Here clients can access daily activity reports, any outstanding works, completed projects and a history of photos and sign-off signatures. This level of communication will not only make our own internal procedures even more efficient, it will provide a level of efficiency and time saving for our clients.

At Rapid Response we constantly strive to improve the levels of communication we have internally and with our clients. This improves efficiency, provides exacting information on each project, and enables the process of carrying out maintenance and building works to be hugely efficient. Each project is recorded onto the system, and all individuals involved with the project have access to this cloud base technology!


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