So close and not so far!

When you are as busy as Rapid Response have been over the past few years, the thought of even considering building your own bespoke designed premises to house the Rapid Response team, and provide significant storage space for tools, equipment and materials seems a little like a dose of complete madness.

Well, many of you who have been receiving our news will know, the madness did set in and we have been building a very large bespoke designed and built brand new premises adjacent to our existing series of barns in Little Bentley, Essex.

We are well versed at completing projects of this size, but building your very own premises seems to be that much more difficult. Sometimes of course it has to take a back step when all of your teams are busy with client work. Finally, the light is rapidly appearing at the end of a very long tunnel, and we are fast approaching a very exciting and satisfactory conclusion. The anticipated date for moving into this fabulous new building is 1st June (this year), and we cannot wait.

This fabulous new building is the next step in the growth of Rapid Response, and we truly hope we don’t outgrow it too soon!

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