Rapid Response commitment to sustainability

Electric vehicles are something we have been looking at for quite some time, so when the opportunity arose to trial one our Sales Director, Paul Lebrett, took his chance.

Sustainable solutions for our own business and for the products/services we provide to our clients is something we continually strive to introduce and improve. It is a mentality we are fully committed to adopt throughout the company.

With new sustainable technology available across the spectrum of business and transport, electric vehicles were an obvious choice for our short range maintenance projects. One full charge to the batteries will allow us to travel cleanly, so not only a green rapid response, but also a cost effective rapid response, with potential savings for the customer that we can pass on.

Our long-term commitment is to build a fleet of green vehicles which will carry the new green Rapid Response logo.

IMG_20160615_130754  IMG_20160615_130804      IMG_20160615_131131  IMG_20160615_130844

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