Rapid expansion with our new premises!

A few weeks ago our new building was just part of our expansion plans with nothing tangible in the way of an actual building to see. The new Rapid Response HQ was just at the footings stage, but as you can see within just a few weeks it is starting to take shape. Construction is moving very fast, and the framework of the building is now very close to nearing completion.

The site of our new premises is adjacent to our current offices situated in a rather detracted array of old barns. The new premises is a much needed requirement to meet with the expansion of the company, and to house Rapid Response’s rapidly expanding team, which has almost doubled over the past 18 months. With additional staff, vehicles and equipment the new building required a bespoke design to accommodate offices, warehousing and storage, conferencing facilities and training rooms.

The design of the structure provides an economical but versatile shell for the company to create the perfect facilities that will not only provide a more organised infrastructure for the company, it will also improve communication across the various teams and departments.

The offices will be based on the second floor, with a galleried section looking down onto the storage and warehousing facilities. The bespoke design will see the inclusion of specifically kitted out training and conference facilities enabling the company to utilise internal space rather than external facilities for our training provisions. Open plan offices will provide greater communication across the various departments, and allow for break off areas for team meetings.

A great deal of thought, time and planning has gone into our new HQ, and the new facilities which we expect to be officially opened in the first quarter of 2017, will be an exciting conclusion to our plans around improving the companies infrastructure, it will enable to the company to continue growing and performing for our clients in the future with the utmost efficiency in mind.

We look forward soon to announcing our official move into the HQ, and welcoming our clients to these impressive new premises.

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