One solution for the housing shortage in the UK

Addressing the housing shortage is certainly proving to be a mammoth task for the UK government. Developers are certainly working hard to fill the gap, but one significant solution that effects all councils is the quantity of void properties throughout the country.

Empty homes are a normal part of any housing market, but once they become empty for a long period they are a wasted resource and potential blight on the local community as well as the cost to the local Council.

Filling that void is hugely important, the empty homes strategy in the UK is gaining momentum forming part of the local councils housing growth, and creating jobs for young people in the areas affected.

A prime example of the momentum to reduce the amount of void properties is demonstrated by one of the midlands city councils who have managed to reduce the empty homes in their city from 12,000 to 3,800 in 10 years, but understand they have a considerable way to go before they fulfil their aggressive stance on refurbishing the void properties in their area.

Rapid response have been working with certain clients to help fulfil their own targets to reduce the amount of void properties, carrying out an extensive refurbishment programme across a wide range of housing stock.

We consider this as a major part of our business, and welcome further authorities who wish to utilise our multi-skilled services to reduce the quantity of void properties.

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