On time, within budget and a very happy client!

Refurbishments have become a large part of our workload, and we are now being considered as the no.1 supplier for many new projects. A very good example which has been well documented earlier this year is the refurbishment of five properties that had a very specific deadline so the client could take advantage of a grant that was available to cover the costs of refurbishment.

The five properties were completely gutted and renovated to a very high standard. The short window meant we had to work fast and efficiently to fulfil the client’s needs and hit the deadline. This included kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, plastering, woodwork, landscaping and the complete redecorating of all five properties.

Rapid Response was originally chosen because the client had the confidence we could deliver, and we are proud to say and display with our image library opposite that each of the five properties are looking superb. All works have been completed and the properties returned to a very happy client

Refurbishments of this nature are certainly an area we can help with, especially if you have numerous properties to refurbish at the same time. Our team is extensive and across all disciplines, so we are quite unique in the market place, and this uniqueness extends to the fact we can project manage and handle the full works on a refurbishment project of this nature utilising internal teams, with limited support required externally.

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