Misguided aviation proves costly

  • cherry picker
  • removing cladding
  • road cauldron
  • the culprit
  • the roof
  • working at height

One of our regular clients called us in to rectify a build up of rain water on the roof of a large domestic block of flats, which of course, was very obviously an issue with the rain water drainage system from the roof.

This required the hire of a Giant Cherry Picker to get to the roof and investigate what the problem was.  After putting a cauldron around the equipment and lift to make sure the site was safe, we lifted our team on to the roof to identify the problem.

We were able to see the build of rain water immediately, and after dismantling the roof cladding and gaining proper access to the main drainage pipe, to our amazement the culprit was a remote controlled helicopter that had obviously been flown by one of the local residents, and probably a one in million chance it had accurately disappeared down the pipe never to be seen again.

We were able to remove the helicopter and debrit that had built up around it over time, and the drainage pipe was clear. We made absolutely sure with a quick and simple water test to ensure it was working perfectly.

However, unfortunately we weren't able to find the novice pilot and provide the necessary training on how to navigate his or her remote controlled helicopter. However, we are not so sure the helicopter would ever be able to fly again, it was in a bad way.

Quite often, this type of simple rain water down pipes for buildings of this nature do get blocked, but normally just a build up of leaves and other debris over many years, certainly not remote control helicopters.

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