Installing Speed Bumps

One of our clients was receiving a continuous flow of complaints relating to the dangers on the roads in a new housing estate. Although the roads were clearly sign posted with a reduced speed limit, those accessing the estate for deliveries were far exceeding this.

We were asked by the client to provide a solution to this, and the only real logical and inexpensive solution was to install strategically placed speed bumps. We spent some time monitoring the traffic and danger areas around the estate roads, and following our observations we presented a set of plans to the client, which in turn was presented to the residents. This was to make sure that every one was happy, and the speed bumps wouldn't be seen as an unsightly inclusion, in favour of the obvious benefits to residents in reducing the speed of vehicles around the estate.

The response from all parties was unanimously positive, and speed bumps were then installed as per the plans and designated locations for the safety of the site, residents and visitors.

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