Hurricane Katy proves to be a real challenge

657 Emergency Call Outs is a new record!

The UK seems to be getting windier, and emergencies are certainly becoming more frequent, but nothing in the past matches the 657 call outs we attended when the hurricane hit!

The winds certainly cause damage, but this past month has seen some pretty interesting call outs including of course the numerous roofing projects to replace tiles, but also aerials, collapsed chimney's, precarious electrical cables, fence panels and even rather dangerous dislodged solar panels. The latter is quite a big job and a bit unusual. Rapid Response are probably quite rare in being able to provide the necessary skill set to refit solar panels and deal with the huge voltage that runs through them.

Undoubtedly the UK has been hit with many storms over the years, but Katy proved to be the most damaging in recent years, and with Summer fast approaching our teams can take a little breather until the next storms hit UK shores.

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