High winds, rain and leaking roofs in June?

June started relatively calmly for Rapid Response and we were able to focus on the larger ongoing projects, but importantly our major move into the brand new bespoke built premises (look out for the feature article next month), but as soon as the month started emergency call outs became the order of the day.

The high winds experienced for 24-48 hours accompanied with some major rainfall before the eventual heat wave hit, saw rapid response visiting many damaged roofs. It wasn't your typical high winds aftermath with fallen tiles, the focus was on tile misplacement and leaking roofs that needed to be fixed before any further poor weather had the opportunity to cause more damage to properties.

The immediate aftermath of this rather unique June weather saw in excess of thirty call outs that day which kept our roofing team very busy indeed. However, we managed to fix a record amount of damaged roofs in a short space of time, which provided an indication of how far the company has come to be able to react and fulfil the demand from the bad weather.

We believe this is testament to the improvements we have made in skill sets, training and operations, and without these changes we truly wouldn't have been able to cope with the demand placed upon us.

Rapid response continues to grow, making positive changes with new team members, additional and advanced skills training, and the new bespoke designed and built premises providing an extremely focused and efficient infrastructure to continue to  improve operational procedures within the fabric of the Rapid Response business.

A big thank you to our amazing team who reacted superbly well indeed.


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