Health & Safety hazard rectified!

Working with chimney pots isn’t a typical project for our roofing team at Rapid Response, but every now and then we are asked to deal with chimney’s that have become dangerous and unstable. Nesting birds, ongoing winter storms and years of deterioration is normally the cause of chimney stacks becoming unstable. If these are dealt with swiftly, a significant storm could present a danger to people and property.

This particular project involved a chimney stack that had deteriorated so much, it probably wouldn’t have seen another winter. The client called us in to carry out emergency works to repair the stack and replace the pots.

Very often the cowls are the first element of the stack to break down and rendered useless, so these were replaced to ensure that birds and debris was deflected from entering the chimney itself. We carried out all works in rebuilding the stack and replacing the three pots and cowls, making sure the chimney was safe and secure for years to come.

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