From adversity to shear joy!

Working with Insurance Companies we witness the positive effect of our work - it can be incredibly rewarding...

One of the biggest areas of our business is actually a very rewarding part of the business. Working with insurance companies we come across devastation quite regularly, severe water leaks or extensive fire damage are commonplace, and sometimes almost completely destroyed a property. We have witnessed the harrowing effect it has had on the owners or occupiers of the property, and they are clearly very stressed at this time.

The reward for us is the fabulous reactions we get from the people who get see their homes transformed back to a highly desirable dwelling. It is really hard to imagine after such devastation what can be achieved, and a highly pleasurable experience for our team, and indeed the occupiers themselves.

A typical example of our work

One such project was a sizeable bathroom, which due to a long-term water leak had completely destroyed the infrastructure. The walls and flooring were severely damaged and required a complete refurbishment.

Some considerable work entailed, stripping out all of the bathroom furniture, flooring and wall tiles back to a complete shell. A period of drying was required before any refurbishment could be carried out, and then we set to creating a beautiful newly refurbished bathroom. With plumbing issues rectified, and a space ready to be fitted, we introduced a brand new bathroom suite, with stunning, modern marble effect tiling – a really good choice.

The finished bathroom was extremely well received by the occupier of the property, and a few joyful hugs later, we were all very obviously pleased with the outcome.

We can honestly say, there is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing the relief and happiness on the faces of the people who have been through this kind of adversity, and I am sure those of you who read this article can relate to the that feeling of relief.

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