A rather unusual place to call home!

At Rapid Response we are blessed with the unusual, unique and somewhat surprising of projects. The diversity of our work means we will have teams out on emergencies, whether that is plumbing or indeed roofing, but also projects that entail a simple service requirement, albeit not necessarily the most technical. Our teams will also be involved in extensive building projects, or total refurbishment of commercial and residential buildings. Employing a multi-trade team, our clients enjoy the fact we can handle the whole project, rather than breaking it down and utilising different companies.

Two recent projects involved bin storage at two different locations. One of the bin storage locations looked like it had been used as someone's home, and required a delicate if not somewhat unpleasant clean up to make it presentable to the residents once again. The second bin storage had been burnt down, was unsafe and precarious to say the least.

It was quite unusual to deal with two similar buildings in close succession, and the first although unpleasant was restored to a clean environment once again, and the burnt building we made safe by clearing debris from the location and dismantling all of the damaged structure.

Although relatively speedy jobs, very often these are the jobs that most companies won't touch and we will. Rapid Response don't just do the obvious or standard projects, and we certainly do come across the unusual.

Our multi trade skilled teams can deal with a diverse range of projects right across the property maintenance discipline!

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